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 The detection capability of threats can be measured based on the virus signatures in the database and the behavior-based detection mechanism used by anti-malware programs. The Antivirus programs use virus databases for their purposes. The cornerstone of Exterminate It! Is the combination of the goodness of two in one single package? This improves accuracy and impact compared to all other programs and is more efficient in the long term. Thus, a user can wish to remain protected from both types of threats using just one solution which is a great product when compared to many highly expensive antivirus programs.


 The primary feature includes "daily update" of the database and required functionality procedures. As the viral community evolves daily, antivirus solutions have to evolve too. 
 - This gives you protection against the newest threats without you having to worry about keeping a track of the news for an outbreak and implement measures to protect your system.

 A lot of times the scanning systems fail to detect a malware because of its changing states. Exterminate It! comes with an advanced technology called Submit State Functionality that checks for behavioral patterns for identifying them if the scanning engine fails in the attempt.


 It requires really low resources, that is, less CPU and RAM, which makes it more efficient to run continuously in the background since it is installed. This software can also be run independently, manually. It is effective against trojans, rootkits and worms of various kinds and keeps your PC safe all the while. 
 - The user interface is made as simple as possible without divulging unnecessary information to amateurs, as their primary concern would be to just make a few clicks and complete the task and feel that they are safe. 

 It's intelligent scanning system gives you that peace of mind irrespective of the kind of threat.


 Their latest release covers up many important areas. Exterminate it! is their current offering that comes with a measure of 147.49 MB. This is really quite less when compared to other solutions. The greater the content, the more is the usage of system-wide resources making the system slow. It is compatible for Windows 2000 and currently supports both 32 and 64-bit architectures of Windows 8. This can be purchased under various licensing and pricing schemes which cover all the features that the trial version lacks.

 Exterminate it! Does the job quite brilliantly.

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